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Why LOw Key Cams?

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Attractive commission

The most attractive benefit for webcamming models is the money involved. There are no limits on how much money a webcam model can make as the industry is more popular than ever. We offer attractive commissions and timely payments.

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Build your confidence

Models who build a bond with customers are treated like a celebrity. They are complimented often and can receive tips for simply engaging in conversations.

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Newly built

We provide a 3,000 square foot, safe, luxurious space in Ontario Canada. Take advantage of the steam room and gym, kitchen, makeup tables, lockers, indoor parking and areas to relax.

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confidential partnership

Partnership contracts were created and reviewed by an employment lawyer. They include an attractive share of profits, schedule flexibility and do not require a long-term commitment while being fully confidential.   

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Female only

The studio is ‘female only’, never hosting men so women models can work in comfort and feel as safe as possible.

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High quality equipment

The studio provides high speed internet, high end laptops with large HD displays, HD webcams, high quality microphones, diffuse lighting and interactive toys.

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Studios cannot exist without models, so your safety, comfort and satisfaction are our main concern. The goal is for our partnership to be rooted in transparency, respect and fairness at all times.

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Training and admin support is very helpful for new or even experienced cam models. It takes time to learn how to use the best websites properly, while it is difficult keeping a positive attitude on camera while chatting with large numbers of potential customers for long periods. Our studio can help you control the chatroom more efficiently to make more money and teach you how to build your audience.  

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Photo/video sessions

Photo and video sessions are available on site to create offline content for customers and followers for every social media platform.

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Transportation/other benefits

We can offer transportation to and from the studio along with other accommodations.

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