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To explain the earning potential of webcam models, ‘Ready Set Cam’ completed a survey in 2022 of around 700 active female webcam models in the U.S.

They found that on average cams girls made $1,043 per week when working 18 hours, which varies a lot based on different factors such as:


Websites used

Time spent broadcasting

Broadcast type

Offline content

Ability to entertain

Screen Shot 2023-01-19 at 9.32.36 AM.png

Social media presence

Top earners were found to make $6000 a week and lower earners made close to $100 a week. Considering the amount of time models spent webcamming, this translated to $58.77 an hour per model on average, ranging from $315 to $4.70 an hour.

In saying this, studios like ours can provide all the tools you need, but we are only a part of the process. Experience is a major factor, and a physical studio like ours can save you time in gaining experience however to be a top earner models need to approach webcamming as a real job and we provide the foundation for that to happen in comfort.

See the full link to the study completed by ‘Ready Set Cam’ : (

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